Can You Install Metal Roofs Over Other Materials?

One question homeowners ask before they have a new metal roof installed on their home is, can you simply put your metal roof over your old roof without removing the old roofing materials? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. You can actually safely put a metal roof over your old roofing material.

The reason why you can do this is because metal roofs are lightweight and therefore do not add that much more weight to an already existing roof. In fact, a lot of contractors actually like doing this instead of removing an old roof before installing a new metal roof.

Advantages of Installing Metal Roofs On Top of an Existing Roof

There are a number of advantages to installing a new metal roof over an existing roof, particularly if the existing roof is a shingled one. Here are some of these advantages:

  • This helps increase the R-value of your roof – having an additional layer of protection underneath your metal roofs, even if the old shingles on your roof are not in as good shape as you would have liked, actually increases your roof’s thermal resistance. It can help make your home more energy efficient since there is an added layer that keeps hot or cold air in better.
  • It helps you save money – you get to save money on such a move since you won’t have to spend on having the old roof removed. You also don’t have to spend on hiring a junk hauler to dispose of the shingles removed from your roof.
  • It adds another layer of protection – if an unusually strong storm comes along and blows off your metal roof, you still have your old roof underneath to offer additional protection.

Of course, before you give the go signal for this plan to happen, there are a few considerations that need to be made. You will need to ask your local building authority if this can be allowed for your home. The structural integrity of your old roof will have to be checked even though metal roofs are lightweight.

The materials to be used for attaching your metal roof to your old roof will also need to be considered. Longer screws and nails will be needed to securely attach your metal roofing to the roof deck under the shingles. If there are no screws or nails long enough to achieve this, the removal of the old roof may be inevitable.

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