Does a Metal Roof Retain Heat?

When you are choosing roofing options for your home and a metal roof is one of your considerations, one question that is sure to pop into your head is, won’t a metal roof retain heat? It is natural for you to think that a metal roof will retain heat more than other choices that you have since metal is a great conductor of heat. What you might not be aware of is that all other roofing materials, such as slate, ceramic, and asphalt can actually absorb heat at approximately the same rate as metal roofs.

What you need to understand about metal roofing and other roofing materials is that, when it comes to heat absorption, there are factors that need to be considered apart from the material itself. For one, the color you choose for your roof plays a huge part in heat absorption and retention. Darker shades tend to absorb and retain heat more readily than lighter colored roofs.

Another factor you need to consider is the entire composition of the roof itself. The concern with heat absorption and retention has something to do with the notion that this will make a house hotter than it should be. If your roof is on top of an attic that is well insulated and well ventilated, you can rest assured that the heat on your roof won’t be radiated into the rooms below.

Heat Retention and Metal Roofs

Absorbing heat and retaining heat are two different things. When your roof is directly exposed to the sun, no matter what material you use, it will heat up. What you should be more concerned about is how long your roof will retain this heat. Roofs that are made with heavier materials, such as ceramic and slate will retain heat longer than roofs that are made with lighter materials, such as metal. This means that metal roofs release heat faster than other types once the sun is no longer beating directly down on it.

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