Top 6 Ways Metal Roofs Save Money & the Environment

Metal roof replacement in Fort Worth

Homeowners are becoming more and more interested in making a positive impact on the environment by limiting the use of electricity, gas, water, and waste in their homes. Whether you’re investing in Energy Star appliances, installing solar panels, replacing old windows and doors, or consciously shutting off faucets and turning off lights, you are probably already taking steps to limit your impact on the environment and on your wallet. Did you know that you could be saving even more money and limiting your ‘footprint’ by changing your roof to metal?

1. Save Money on Insurance

Most insurance companies will provide homeowners with a significant discount for installing a qualified metal roof because the durability and longevity of metal roofs save them money. Homeowners typically save up to 30% on their insurance premiums.

2. Energy Efficient

The popularity of metal roofs is steadily increasing among homeowners. Much of this is due to the energy efficiency of metal, which can save homeowners up to 25% on home energy bills. One independent study found that homeowners can save up to 40% on home cooling costs in the summer months. This is because metal is a reflective surface, which means that it bounces heat back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it into your home.

3. Durable

Metal roofs are sturdy and tough withstanding heavy rain, snow, and hail, as well as high winds. It’s even better in a lightning strike or fire than other roofing materials like cedar and asphalt because it’s non-combustible. A metal roof will not catch fire and in the event of a lightning strike, it will safely dissipate the electric charge. FEMA actually recommends metal roofs to people in areas prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes due to its durability.

4. Longevity

Because metal is less susceptible to damage and does not rot, split, crack, warp, leak, or fall victim to termite infestation, it lasts an incredibly long time and does not typically need to be replaced in a person’s lifetime. Compared to frequent replace and repair costs of other types of roofs, low-cost maintenance programs for metal roofs save homeowners significant money and also result in less wasted material in the environment.

5. Sustainable Materials

Metal roofing is the ‘green’ roofing material. New metal roofs typically contain between 30-60% of recycled metal and old metal roofs are completely recyclable, which means that your roof will not end up in a landfill. In comparison, the EPA estimates that 11 million tons of asphalt shingles end up in landfills.

6. Exciting to Home Buyers

If you choose to sell your home, a metal roof is very attractive to buyers and will likely increase the value of your home. Home buyers can agree that metal has fantastic curb appeal, will save money on energy and repairs, and is unlikely to need replacement. Whether you’re in a home that you’re keeping or remodeling a home that you’re selling, a metal roof is an asset to you as both an owner and seller.

Now that you’ve read the benefits of metal roofs, maybe you’d like to install one on your property. If you’re living in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and you want to make the switch, contact Metal Roofs of Texas. We have the necessary equipment to install a metal roof correctly or replace your current roof with a new one. We also offer different types of metal roofs, roof inspection, and roof maintenance at your convenience. Give us a call at 817-241-2126 to get a free estimate today.