Choose Your Metal Roofing Panels Based on the Roof Slope

Choose Your Metal Roofing Panels Based on the Roof Slope

In building a structure, the slope of your roof plays an integral part in the choice of metal roofing panels that you can use. Before you can design a home or commercial property, building codes will dictate the slope of your roof. Under the International Building Code of 2012, certain roofing slopes need to follow specific minimum slope requirements depending on the type of metal roof that is to be used.

For non-soldered seam metal roofing that is lapped but does not have an applied lap sealant, the minimum slope should be 25 %, or 12 units horizontal for every 3 units vertical. For non-soldered seam metal roofing that is lapped with an applied lap sealant, the minimum slope is 4 %, or 12 units horizontal for every one-half (1/2) unit vertical. For standing seam roof systems, the minimum slope is 2 %, of 12 units horizontal for every one-quarter (1/4) unit vertical.

Low Slope or Steep Slope

Metal roofs are available in two general classifications, steep slope or low slope. Low-slope roofs are used more on commercial structures and steep-slope roofs are seen more on houses. If a roof’s slope is less than 3:12, or 25 %, it is considered a low slope metal roof. If a roof’s slope is higher than 3:12, it is a steep slope roof.

Commercial roofs tend to be low-slope because that is a better fit for larger structures. Low-slope roofs are easier to construct, require fewer materials, and are much less expensive. The panels that are chosen for these kinds of roofs don’t need to be that eye-catching because they are rarely visible at street level.

Residential roofs, on the other hand, are usually steep-slope because they are easier to maintain and can better withstand heavier snow loads. The steep slope encourages snow to slide off by itself and the panels must be attractive because they are highly visible due at street level.

Get the Right Metal Roofing Panel for Your Needs

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