Custom Roofs with Metal Roofs of Texas

Preventing Home Flooding with Proper Roofing Maintenance

A home is never complete without a roof. The roof is an invaluable part of any property as it protects you from strong sunshine and rain. However, you need to be smart when choosing your roofing material. Because with the right roof, you’ll receive a lifetime of benefits.

One viable option is a metal roof. Though this roof type isn’t wallet-friendly, its advantages outweigh its cost.

Preventing Home Flooding with Proper Roofing Maintenance
  • Long lifespan. Most metal roofs last up to 40 to 70 years.
  • Better durability. It can withstand 140mph winds and hail damage.
  • Fire resistant. A metal roof won’t spark during a lightning strike.
  • Good for the environment. Many metal roofs are made with at least 25% recycled materials. They’re also reusable once their life cycles are up.

Metal roofs can also mimic the appearance of other roofing types and are quite customizable. If you want a custom metal roof for your Texas home, then look no further than Metal Roofs of Texas for help.

The Custom Metal Roofs of Metal Roofs of Texas

Metal Roofs of Texas offers a variety of metal roofs for residential and commercial properties. Among them, however, only three are available for custom home builders. These three are:

1. Slate Roofs

A metal slate roof is the improved version of traditional slate. This roofing material is not only lightweight, but it’s also easy to install thanks to its Interlock® system. The added resistance to hail makes it even more durable and less fragile than real slate. Plus, it gives you the authentic look of slate and comes in multiple colors like solid copper and deep forest green.

2. Shake Roofs

A metal shake roof gives you the beauty of real cedar but without the wood’s disadvantages. The metal shake roof won’t develop any mold or wood rot. It also won’t curl, crack, or split. This means that it has half the maintenance real cedar roofs require. Metal shake roofs also feature an Interlock® system and come in a variety of colors. In addition, each shake panel is embossed with a heavy grain texture and is coated with Alunar® for added strength.

3. Standing Seam Roofs

As its name implies, the material of this type of roofing is seamed together to seal the joints. Each metal panel is interlocked vertically along the seam, connecting each panel to the next. Because of how it’s designed, the roof lasts longer and has better resistance to moisture and other water damage. 

Contact Metal Roofs of Texas if you want to have a custom metal roof installed on your home. Our roofing experts will take care of the entire procedure to ensure that you’ll receive all its benefits once it’s placed. We only use the best materials to provide you with high-performing and quality metal roofing options. Give us a call at 817-241-2126 today for more details. Our services cater properties in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.