How Metal Roofing Performs in Snow

You might not be aware of this but snow can get very heavy when it is wet and slushy, with every square foot of such snow having an estimated 62 lbs. of weight to it. This is why it is important that you have a roof that can easily handle such a weight and be able to shed the snow without the need for added work on your part. This is where a metal roof is deemed ideal.

Advantages of Metal Roofs on Snow

How Metal Roofing Performs in Snow

Metal roofing is one of the best choices for residences that are in areas that experience heavy snowing. This is because this kind of roof is not only durable enough to withstand the heavy loads of snow but also has the capability to shed such snow loads easily once the sun is out. Metal absorbs heat after all, and this heat helps melt the snow on the roof, making it easy for such a load to slide off.

Homes with shingles on their roofs can probably withstand the weight of the snow. This will, however, need some human intervention to help remove this heavy load before the next snowfall adds another layer to it. When you rake snow off such roofs, there is a huge chance that you will damage it and rake off some of the shingles in the process.

Another advantage you get when you use metal roofing on your home when the snows come is that it lowers the chances of ice dams from forming. Ice dams can rip off your gutters and damage shingles. Since metal roofing helps melt the ice when the sun heats it up, there is very little chance for these ice dams to form.

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