Metal Roofing for Tiny Homes

Metal Roofing for Tiny Homes

If you are a trendy believer in the Tiny House Movement, then you know that having a small home comes with a lot of benefits. Aside from lower building and property costs, you also reduce maintenance costs and utility bills. This movement has taken the country by storm and has ushered in a new challenge in home design.

Creating a livable space with beauty and durability is a challenge that a lot of homeowners and homebuilders welcome. The materials used to create these homes are essentially the same as the materials used to create standard-sized homes. The only difference is, you need less material to build a tiny home.

Roofing Design Options for Tiny Homes

When you opt for a tiny home, the roofing design choices include:

  • Shed roof – This is an ideal roof if your tiny home comes in a loft-style design. It gives you the added space you need for your loft area due to the maximum peak that this design allows.
  • Saltbox roof – While similar in design to a shed roof, a saltbox roof also is great for small homes with a loft. Unlike a shed roof, this one has two sides instead of just one.
  • Gable roof – Although not the most space-efficient roof design, a gable roof does give your tiny home the traditional look that people love. It is also a great choice for homes that are built in areas where heavy snowfall is common because snow cannot accumulate easily.
  • Barn Style roof – Also called a gambrel roof, barn-style roofs give tiny homes a lot of advantages. They are great for loft-style small homes because a barn style roof gives you maximum space with its many angles. The design is also considered one of the strongest available because of its shape.
  • Round roof – If you want your small home to look more like a wagon than a traditional angular structure, then a rounded roof is a viable option. Also considered a very strong roof design, this is a great choice if you value uniqueness and durability.

Metal Roofing for All Roofing Designs

Metal is an ideal roofing material for a tiny home because it is versatile and tough. Your small home can also benefit from the fact that metal roofs are lightweight, fire-resistant, and have great reflective energy. All of these qualities greatly benefit tiny homes and the people who live in them.

When you are ready to place a roof on your tiny home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and you need to contact Metal Roofs of Texas. We have a wide variety of stylish, energy-efficient and cost-effective metal roofing choices available for your small home. We also specialize in roofing installation, roof inspection, and roof maintenance.

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