Metal Roofs for Different Styles of Homes

Metal shingle roof installation in Austin

Whether you live in a Victorian or Colonial style home, having a metal roof over your head is a great way to improve your property. Though your home already has a unique exterior appearance, a metal roof gives your building an added layer of quality. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofs are more durable, have a long life expectancy, and can reflect solar radiant heat. Because of these features, you’ll be able to preserve your home’s cosmetic appeal and live comfortably for a long time.

However, not all kinds of metal roofs match every home style. If you want your property to continue emulating the era it was built or fashioned in, then you have to choose a metal roof that fits the aesthetic. Luckily, there are metal roofs that mimic the design of certain roofing materials, which helps narrow down your search.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Metal Shingle

Metal shingles will last up to 50 years and require very little to no upkeep. They also come in a variety of finishing options and seamless designs. Many homeowners prefer metal shingles over regular shingles because of their ability to shed water.

Similar to wood shingles, metal shingles are so adaptable that they can match with any home style. But they tend to work best with properties that are built in the contemporary or traditional style. This roofing material is also a perfect choice for homes that are going for a more rustic look.

Metal Slate

Metal slate roofing is best matched with homes that depict a Victorian or historical appearance. Metal slate is known to give properties a sophisticated look, as well as unmatched protection. As with all of these metal options, the roofing material is also quite strong so it’s able to shield homes from rough weather.

Metal Shake

Colonial style homes look beautiful with a metal shake style of roof. Metal shake imitates the look of wood. They’re also fire-retardant, impervious to water and termite damage, and have better longevity than their wood counterparts.

Metal Tile

Metal tile roofing fits the aesthetic of Spanish and Mediterranean style homes. It is not only visually beautiful, but it’s able to withstand different climate types as well. Metal tile also weighs less than its clay and concrete counterparts, which means that it puts less strain on your property.  

Metal roofs are the best roofing materials to preserve your home’s unique style for years to come. They also offer superior protection in heavy storms and will save you money on energy. Plus, metal roofs add a special touch that gives your property extra charm and curb appeal.

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