Save Energy & Money with Cool Metal Roofs

If you are looking to lower energy costs while keeping your homes cooler during the summer months, the best solution would be to replace your roof with a cool metal roof. What is a cool roof and how can it help you save money on energy bills? It is a kind of roofing material that is reflective and emissive.

Save Energy & Money with Cool Metal Roofs Metal Roof house

When you say a material is reflective and emissive, it does two things – it bounces the heat of the sun off of this surface and, at the same time, any heat that is absorbed by the metal is emitted back out. This allows any anything underneath it from heating up. This makes your home cooler than those that do not use cool metal roofs. It also means that the heat coming from the sun does not penetrate through.

Tests have shown that cool roofs painted white are more effective at keeping homes cool than white shingles. It has even been proven that white cool metal roofs have thrice the reflective and emissive powers than those that have white asphalt shingles. As if that is not enough, you can even increase the cooling power of your metal roofs by choosing paints that have chemical additives formulated to help boost the cooling properties of these metal roofs.

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