What To Do When My Roof Is Damaged by Hail?

What To Do When My Roof Is Damaged by Hail?

High winds, tornadoes, hail, lightning strikes...Texas gets some of the most violent weather in the country. Hail is one of the biggest threats to roofs in our area because it can cause significant damage. Often, the damage affects your home before you even realize it, which is why it's important to schedule an inspection after storms to make sure that your roof survived the battle intact. If you act quickly, you can save your hail-damaged roof from getting worse.

Here are the proper steps to take when handling roof damage after a hail storm hits your area.

Inspect the Damage

Once it’s safe to go outside, take a look at your roof for potential hail damage. Depending on the strength of the hail storm, your roofing may or may not encounter any problems. Don’t forget to check other metal structures and materials like wind turbines, shingles, and metal caps for noticeable dents. You also want to inspect the gutter system to see if there is any debris blocking the drain. If you have a skylight, take a look at its window screens and see if they’re damaged as well.

Call Your Local Roofing Contractor

As soon as you notice roof damage, call your roofing professional. If you do not have one, contact us and we will give you a free inspection and comprehensive report of the damage for your records and for your insurance company. Always choose a true professional with a good reputation because more damage can be done to your home if an inexperienced person climbs on it.

Once the roofing contractor arrives, they’ll look at your roof and take note of the damage it incurred. Even if you’ve already conducted preliminary damage assessments, a professional roofing contractor will spot roofing damage that you may have overlooked, as well as potentially vulnerable areas that do not exhibit damage yet. The contractor can also determine whether or not your roof is in need of repairs or a replacement.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once the roofing contractor has verified that your roof is damaged, call your insurance agent right away. It's important that you take the appropriate steps and in a timely manner to get the coverage that you need. So you can avoid the financial burden of covering any repairs or a replacement yourself. Most insurance companies have a cut off point for coverage (i.e. 1 year after the storm date), so be sure to check your policy and submit the claim on time. Our comprehensive report will help you to communicate the extent of the damage and file your claim. If you use a different roofing contractor, they should provide you with something similar to facilitate a smooth claims process.

By taking the proper steps in dealing with your hail-damaged roof, you can spare your property from encountering water damage like leaks and moisture build up. If you are in the Greater Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex and your roof has sustained damage from a recent hail storm, contact Metal Roofs of Texas. Our experts will help you assess the damage and our award-winning customer service team can assist you with the insurance process.

We offer professional hail damaged roof replacement for both residential and commercial properties. Our fully licensed and certified technicians work quickly and thoroughly to eliminate any initial and secondary roof damage. Once we’re done repairing or replacing your roof, you can expect your property to be safe and prepared for the next hail storm. Contact us today at 817-241-2126 for a free estimate.