What to Know About Insulated Metal Panels

What to Know About Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels, also called IMPs, are a great choice for your roofing and walling needs. These metal panels are insulated and provide your structure with protection from harsh weather conditions and added thermal control. Metal panels also protect the interior of your building in style. They are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and thicknesses to meet your needs.

What Are Insulated Metal Panels?

These metal panels are essentially composite exterior walling and roofing panels that consist of two metal skins and a foam core that serves as insulation. The lightweight panels come with outstanding insulating properties and are easy to install. They also give your building a clean, modern look and will improve its energy-efficiency.

Because of their metallic design, IMPs are free from mold, mildew, rotting, and corrosion. By limiting the impact of moisture and heat, these panels will increase the lifespan of your structure.

Where Insulated Metal Panels Can Be Used

Where can these insulated panels be used and what kinds of structures will benefit from using them? IMPs are great for use with just about any type of building. If your aim is to improve your building’s insulation, keep it protected from harsh weather, and give it a modern flair, then these panels are perfect for you.

Some of the building types that have been known to use these insulating panels include:

What to Know About Insulated Metal Panels

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Government offices
  • Schools and other educational institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Recreational structure

Even individuals that want to increase their home's energy-efficiency can benefit from having roofs made out of insulated metal panels. It gives a building a roof that lasts long a long time, needs very little maintenance and helps you reduce your energy consumption.

When your home or commercial building in Dallas-Fort Worth needs insulated metal roofing and walling materials, let Metal Roofs of Texas install some IMPs. In addition to roofing installation, our company also specializes in roof inspection, roof maintenance, and roof repair due to hail damage.

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