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Shake roofing designed to look like natural cedar shakes

Metal shake roofing installation in Fort Worth

Interlock® Shake Roof System

Most homeowners desire the beauty of natural cedar but don't want the roof to eventually warp, rot, grow mold or split apart. Our Interlock® Shake Roof System allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural cedar with half the maintenance and the fear of splitting or warping roof shakes.

Metal Roofs of Texas installs cedar shake panels that are part of a two-way interlocking aluminum roofing system. Each shake panel is embossed with a heavy grain texture and coated with Alunar® for a durable, long-lasting surface.

If you live in Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Hurst and would like a cedar-imitation, metal shake roof installed on your home, give the experts at Metal Roofs of Texas a call. We are happy to get you started with a free estimate!

A lifetime performance with the elegance of real cedar

Our cedar roof shakes are available in a variety of colors suitable for home's unique design. Unlike real cedar, they have highly durable quality providing strength against tough weather elements and damage from storms.

Metal shake roofing looks beautiful and can stand up in the toughest conditions - even during a fire. The shakes are fire safe and require barely any maintenance.

The benefits of metal shake roofing:

  • Won't curl, crack, rot, split or grow mold
  • Variety of color options available
  • Energy efficient
  • Fire resistant

Benefit from the longevity of our shake roofing

Our metal roofing shakes are a more durable and longer-lasting alternative to traditional cedar shake roofing. They provide better protection than real cedar, without the risk of mold, rot and other damaging effects.


Steel Roof Color - Tudor Brown

Tudor Brown

Steel Roof Color - Red

Tile Red

Steel Roof Color - Spanish Tile

Spanish Tile

Steel Roof Color - Musket Grey

Musket Grey

Steel Roof Color - Copper

Solid Copper

Steel Roof Color - Green

Deep Forest Green

Steel Roof Color - Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Grey

Steel Roof Color - Black


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