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Reasons to install a new metal roofing system

A thorough roof inspection from our experts will make you aware of your roof's condition and tell you if a replacement roof is necessary.

There are some obvious signs that it's time for a new roof on your Texas home. Sometimes, however, there are no visible signs of damage that lead you to believe you need a new roof.

Metal Roofs of Texas can inspect all elements of your roof including the flashing, vents, chimney and other areas to decide if it is time for a brand new metal roofing system. We can replace your torn, broken and outdated shingles and shakes to moisture-resistant metal alternatives that will last a lifetime.

When considering whether or not to replace your roof and install a new roofing system, you need to consider several factors and be willing to asses if the timing is right. Replacing your roof too early can result in daunting, unnecessary costs, but waiting until it's too late can cause significant damage to your home.

Common reasons for roof replacement

Signs of damaged roofing:

  • Missing, broken or torn shingles
  • Shingles that have cupped or curled along their edges
  • Heavy growth of mold or moss on major expanses of roofing
  • “Bald” shingles that have lost their granules
  • Roof leaks in multiple places
  • Rotted roof sheathing

Unless there are obvious signs that you might need a new roof, like water coming into your home, you may be unsure whether roof replacement is the answer. Besides having a leaky roof, there are other reasons why it might be smart to consider roof replacement.

Here are four reasons to have new roofing installed on your house:

Storm damage

Storms can damage roofing in several ways. High winds sometimes blow roof shingles off the roof, creating obvious empty areas that need to be re-roofed. Indirect damage is also common: Wind causes tree branches or entire trees to come down on the roof, often damaging the roof structure as well as roof shingles. Rather than make spot repairs following storm damage, it’s often smarter to replace the roof.

Increasing home value

Even if your asphalt shingle roof isn’t worn or damaged, it can make sense to replace your roofing to increase curb appeal and real estate value. Some homeowners decide to install new roofing as part of their preparation for selling a house. When combined with new exterior siding or an exterior paint job, new roofing can really make an older home look brand new. Apart from its aesthetic impact, a new roof offers a great deal of financial security to a prospective home buyer. The new owner won’t have to worry about roof replacement or common roofing problems for a long time.

Federal tax credits

All of our roofs qualify for the Federal Tax Credit, which will help you save money.  Click the link below to see what the Tax Credit Amount is this year.

Replacing a worn roof

Asphalt roof shingles typically last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Unfortunately, factors such as storm damage, low slope, ice damming, and mold or moss growth can significantly shorten the life of any asphalt roof. If your roof has any of the characteristics described in the “signs of worn roofing” sidebar, it’s a good idea to replace the roof. Otherwise, you risk even more severe problems like rotted roof framing and leaks that can damage the house and its contents.

Completing a major remodel

Are you planning to build an addition? How about adding some dormers or skylights? These major remodeling projects involve changes to your roofline and the installation of new roofing. Rather than have an unattractive mix of new and old roofing, many homeowners elect to have a total re-roof done as part of the project.

Trust the experts to install your roofing system

We understand that replacing your roof is a big investment, that's why we make sure you get a quality metal roofing system that is guaranteed to outlast any other material you've experienced in the past. From the inspection, to the roofing installation, to the cleanup, you've come to the right place for roofing services in Texas that you can trust.

Give us a call at 817-241-2126 or fill out our online form for a roof replacement quote today! We proudly serve Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Hurst, Allen, Grapevine, Richardson, Flower Mound, Carrollton, Coppell, and areas throughout Greater Dallas/Fort Worth.